Textiles & Raw Materials

Sadadekar Global Group is one of the trusted name in both Indian & International market, in the field of textiles and raw materials. It is our main business line, and we have experience of more than 30 years in this field.

We primarily deal in Indenting & Import-export of Synthetic Fibres and yarns (Polyester, Nylon and Viscose), Textile raw materials such as Chips, PET bottle flakes, PTA, DMT, and MEG.

Our speciality is in industrial fiber & yarns for technical textile applications

With our varied experience in the textile industry, we have helped many overseas textile companies to promote their products in India, some of which have grown to become well known brands in the Indian textile market. We continue to supply superior quality man-made fibres and yarns from leading manufacturers in Japan, China, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia, to our customers all over India. We have been trained under the Japanese and Korean manufacturers for new products and their applications.

Along with our overseas associates, we also assist many leading Indian textile companies to market their products worldwide. Infact, we are pioneers for promoting many new manmade and synthetic yarns for import and export.

We are also authorised agents for Reliance Industries Limited ( world's largest manufacturer of Polyester fiber & yarns ) for domestic distribution of their polyester yarns in Indian market.